【Internal Information】 “Gender Equality in Academia – Results and Examples from European Research” (7/23)

【Date】 July 23rd, 2014  (Wed) 1:30pm-3pm
【Venue】Room 124  Main Building
Ms. Jennifer Dahmen of the Equal Opportunities Office at our affiliated school, the University of Wuppertal (Germany), and her Austrian colleague, Ms. Anita Thaler, who works for the GenderTime project in the EU network have been invited to talk about EU’s practical efforts to train women researchers to play an active role in the global world, and EU’s strategies to build support systems for such researchers, as well as its present state. Participants will deepen their understanding by discussing issues in Japanese society and our university’s potential in involvement. We hope you will come join us.

【Moderator】PhD Namiko INOUE (Center for Leadership Education and Research)
【Language】 English
【Reservation】Not Required