Projects (Research Divisions)

Childcare Research Division

We conduct research on:

  1. experimental education methods such as active learning
  2. systems and curriculum that help educational continuity through kindergarten to university be effective.
  3. studies on quality of childcare and curriculum research in the Center for Early Childhood Education and Care (KODOMO- EN) and refresher courses for practicing childcare workers.

Human Development Research Division

Basic Research on Human Development Unit

We conduct:

  1. follow-up studies to investigate short- and long-term effects of childhood environmental factors (e.g. socioeconomic status, family relationship, media) on children’s development and quality of life.
  2. basic research on psychological and physical health, as well as on development during adolescence (e.g. health behaviors).

Educational Social Gaps Research Unit

We conduct research on:

  1. follow-up studies on gaps in childcare and education and its effects on children’s development.
  2. international comparative studies of Asian and African countries.
    We address issues of effects of social gap on lifespan development and offer recommendations to close children’s educational and social gap.

Developmental Clinical Research Divison

Research on Support for Developmental Disorders Unit

We conduct:

  1. research on support for children and adolescents with developmental disorders (e.g. autistic spectrum, attention attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder(ADHD)).
  2. development of support program implemented at schools and communities.