Projects (Research Divisions)

Division of Childcare Research

We conduct research on:

  1. improving the quality of early childhood education and care (ECEC), fostering the qualities and abilities of caregivers, and developing support for local child-rearing in an integrated manner, in cooperation with the three facilities for ECEC in Ochanomizu University (University Kindergarten, Izumi Nursery, and Ochanomizu University Childcare Center), as well as with the local community,
  2. developing and evaluating curricula for infant/toddler education and care,
  3. public lecture programs for ECEC professionals and parents.

Division of Basic Research for Human Development

1. Basic research on mental and physical health and development

We conduct follow-up studies on the short- and long-term effects of interactions of personal factors. These include family relationships and friendships in childhood, environmental factors of the media, and temperamental and developmental disability characteristics on children’s development and well-being. We also conduct basic studies on mental and physical health and development, such as health behavior at the various stages of development.

2. Cognitive and language development studies

We conduct experimental psychology studies on the process of development of cognitive functions such as language understanding, memory, narration, and emotions from childhood to adulthood, and the individual differences and obstacles in those developments, to accumulate basic knowledge and build theories that contribute to the physical and mental health of individuals.

3. Social science studies on development

We conduct studies on the disparities in children’s academic abilities and educational achievement, studies on the social-emotional aspects and their development and education, and social science studies on education and health. We investigate problems such as social disparities in lifespan development, propose the elimination of educational and social inequalities, and accumulate theoretical and empirical knowledge on human development.

 Division of Developmental Clinical Research

We conduct:

1. research on support for children and adolescents with developmental disorders (e.g., autistic spectrum disorder(ASD), attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder(ADHD)).

2. development of support programs implemented at schools and communities.